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Interior Work Scope


If painting walls but not ceilings (or vice-versa), take a look at the edges where they meet. If there is sloppy edging as result of prior work, or if wallpaper glue got on the ceiling, we may not be able to fix these problems without painting a surface that you had not identified as needing painting. For instance, consider the case where you only want your walls painted, but the wall color was allowed to "bleed" up onto the ceiling when the edges were cut in previously. If only the walls are to be painted, the painters have to either follow the sloppy lines or "cut-in" straight lines that will leave some of the old color "bleeds" showing on the ceiling.


Baseboards, window sills, and doors show more wear and tear than other trim elements (e.g. crown molding, art ledges, "picture frame" molding, etc) in your home. Most trim enamel used over the years has been oil-based, and oil-based enamels "yellow" over time (for a discussion of enamel types, please read the Ask the Painter article "Oil-based vs. Acrylic Enamels"). For this reason, trim does not generally "touch-up" well. It also means that painting door casing trim and the door "slab" itself is usually an all-or-none proposition. On the other hand, it is possible to paint baseboards and not doors because the baseboard and door casing trim only meet for a small boundary way down at floor level where a slight color mismatch is not likely to be seen. But at eye level, even a slight color mismatch between casing trim and the door itself would be noticeable. If the new color is close to the old, it may be possible to paint some doors but not others as long as they are not immediately adjacent to each other. Other trim elements may not need to be painted at all, depending on their condition and whether or not a color change is desired.


For stained cabinets, we can do a stain-to-paint conversion, but we do not refinish cabinets. We have in the past, but for the labor involved to do the job right, it is more cost effective to simply "re-face" them. Re-facing involves replacing all the doors, laminating new material on top of flat surfaces, and replacing decorative trim. Southern Painting is not in the cabinet re-facing business, so you would need to contact a third party to investigate this option. Re-facing is more expensive than a stain-to-paint conversion, but much less expensive than all new cabinets. While often the lowest cost answer to the question "what can I do with my cabinets?", it is important to understand that the resulting look is that of painted, not stained, wood. Painted cabinets may also have a faux finishing treament applied to arrive at a unique, more artistic look.

The other question regarding cabinet work is whether or not to paint the insides of cabinets. If we do not paint cabinet interiors, we will still paint both sides of the doors. Most people elect not to paint cabinet interiors.


If closets are to be painted, they will need to be emptied. This opens up the question of where to put everything, especially if the entire house is being painted. Some homeowners move everything into their garage, while others rent portable storage units that sit on their driveway and that can be locked. If closets are to be painted, Southern Painting recommends staying with a neutral, off-white color. This especially true for walk-in closets where you don't want the wall-color to reflect onto clothing when making "does this go with that" wardrobe decisions.

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