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Southern Painting Deck & Fence Staining

Southern Painting Sure Deck & Fence Staining

Staining a new deck or fence not only adds some color to it, but the stain also protects the wood from the weather.  Re-staining a weathered deck or fence gives it a fresh look and may also extend its life.

Color & Product Selection

  • While many people choose to stain their deck or wood fence in the traditional "Cedar Bark" color, there are a number of stain colors available.
  • It is important to recognize that re-staining with semi-transparent stains will lead to more color variations with each subsequent re-staining; at some point, switching to solid stains may be desirable
  • Solid stains have a more opaque, "painted" look, even though they are a stain product that soaks into the wood.
  • Southern Painting prefers waterborne stains because they hold up better under exposure to sun than do oil-based stains.

Power Washing

  • Powerwashing is a very important step in preparing decks or fences for staining.
  • Dirt, mildew, algae, etc. must also be removed prior to staining.
  • Following power washing, the surface must be allowed to dry thoroughly.


  • While not typically required, sanding smooths out rough wood and can remove previous stain color not removed by power washing.
  • Sanding may also be needed to remove old material that may interfere with the wood's ability to accept new stain.

Wood Conditioners & Stain Life Extenders

  • These are optional steps that, while not typically required, may be recommended to properly prepare the wood to accept stain and/or to extend the life of the product applied.

Product Application

  • Depending on the stain type (solid or semi-transparent) and whether the color is being changed, one or two coats of stain may be required.
  • Stain is typically applied to decks and fences via brush & roll technique.  Sometimes a pump-spray bottle (low pressure) is used to get the stain on the surface where it is then "worked in" by brush and/or roller.
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