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"We recently had our house painted by a Southern Painting crew, which was led by Victor. We had the entire exterior done, as well as the interior of a new addition, which included wood staining and painting.

The crew did an excellen..."


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Exterior Paint Choice


If you have a favorite paint brand/grade of paint, let the Estimator know. We have a "standard" brand and grade of paint that is included in our quotes, and we also have accounts open at the major paint stores, so we can adjust your quote up or down to accommodate using your favorite brand. If you have already purchased paint, we will credit you what our "standard" paint cost would have been. Be aware that this will likely be less than you paid for the paint. Our prices include paint, and in most cases it is to your advantage to let us buy the paint rather than credit you for paint you have purchased.

As far as paint grades go, using a premium or "super-premium" grade of paint is almost always worth the few extra dollars it adds to your job. Premium grade exterior paints generally last longer than lesser grade paints, and they typically have mildew inhibitors in them (although the mildew inhibitors lose their potency over time). Also, the newer "super-premium" paints, while very expensive, may save you substantially more overall by allowing the job to be done with just one coat rather than the traditional two coats.

Sheen Choice

For exterior painting, Southern Painting recommends satin sheen. The reason for this is that flat sheen paints are microscopically rougher on the surface than paints with more sheen, and this rougness is more conducive to trapping dirt or giving a foothold for mildew. Paints with higher sheen create a lot of glare in the Texas sun, so satin sheen is a good compromise. If you require a sheen other than satin, let us know.

Color Selections

Current Color(s) (if Re-painting)

If you want to re-paint using a color that has already been painted on your home, it is important to know what that color is. Holding a color fan up to a wall to "match" colors is almost impossible to do. Some builders leave a sticker with paint information on the back of a cabinet door somewhere, or they may give buyers paperwork with the colors used. Having paint from a touch-up kit left by the builder or left over paint from any other prior work is another way to discern existing colors.

Changing Colors

While it is not required to know exact colors at the time of getting an estimate, if you are changing the colors, we must assess the degree of change and whether any of the colors are dark colors that are mixed in a more translucent base paint (and so do not cover as well). This is so the Estimator can determine whether one coat or two would be required.

Number of Colors

Homes that have two-color exteriors (e.g. dark on the fascia and garage door jamb, light on the soffits/siding, garage doors, and entry doors) require an extra pass to "cut-in" the colors. This means more labor and a higher bottom-line price. If your home has a two-color scheme, we will quote painting with two colors again. However if you want to go from two colors to one, or if you have one and want to "dress it up", let us know so we can quote accordingly.

Help with Colors

Let us know if you are wrestling with a decision regarding colors. We may have sample boards or color sheets of the colors you are considering, and will be happy to bring them along to our meeting with you. Seeing a larger sample of a color away from the others on the color strip can make it look completely different to you. And if you would like to consult with a professional Designer, let us know and we will be happy to give you some referrals.

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